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Strategic HR Analytics

We can help you raise the level of your HR function. Strategic HR is leading Human Resources in a manner that supports the company’s long-term business goals, outcomes, vision and values. The heart of Strategic HR is extending well beyond the compliance and administrative aspects that are normally associated with HR. It is essentially the application of specific principles and practices to grow and strengthen the business proactively.


We can assist you in building an analytics hub for your HR department to pinpoint its successes and challenges equipping you with powerful tools to measure them. Through statistical analysis, we can identify the key drivers that impact your business through an HR lens. We can determine the engagement and/or loyalty of your employees and customers along with the factors that are driving turnover in either or both. We have the ability to view the entire relationship with your employees and customers, with the option to break it down to key moments in time. 


The truth is, without great data, it’s difficult to make good decisions. We can provide you that useful data, gifting you the ability to strategically work with your employees and your customers to better your business. Ideally, data is meant to work with them, not do things to them.


Below are Strategic HR options (not all inclusive) that we offer:


 The role HR in the Business Strategy

 Creating an HR Strategic Plan

 Defining and Engaging HR Metrics

 Employing HR Analytics

Succession Planning

 HR Audits

 Organizational Structure and Design

 Career Development Systems

 Executive Compensation

 Sales Compensation


 Compensation Philosophy and Guiding Principles

 Compensation Efforts

 Competency Strategies

 Effective Communication

 Orientation/Onboarding

 Recruiting/Talent Acquisition

 Executive Recruiting

 HR Outsourcing

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