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We have e-learning specialists, instructional designers,

graphic artists, consultants, voice over talent, subject

matter experts and more  that are working together to

bring you engaging E-learning. We utilize case studies,

simulations, first person experiences, assessments, video

and more to drive change and learning.

Our E-learning is uniquely different. What we have typically

done is made it more interactive than what you see from

other organizations. Most organizations have essentially an

animated PowerPoint set of slides that move along and then

you get tested periodically. We’ve tried to create scenario

based E-learning and gamified learning so that everyone has a unique experience, and they’re engaged in the process.

The truth is, if you want your people to learn, and you want them to actually go through the training in a meaningful way, you have to find a way to pull them into it. Our focus is to draw people into the learning experience in a manner that’s productive for the learner, for the organization and for results.

Below are examples of E-learning options that we can provide:

  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention (California, New York, etc.)

  • Strategic Selection and Hiring

  • 360 Degree Feedback Orientation

  • Sexual Harassment / Discrimination Prevention Orientation

  • Diversity and Inclusion Basics

  • Custom Designed E-learning

  • Access to our LMS

  • Content for your LMS

  • More Curriculum Development to Come

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