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Change & Transformation

Most people have heard the saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Change efforts today are handled in much the same way as they were years ago. There is only one problem; organizational life looks nothing like it once did. We can offer a unique perspective on change and transformation that drives real results while improving morale.


We need to get stronger at being agile in adjusting to change and embracing necessary transformation. In fact, over 70% of change initiatives in organizations fall short of their expected expectations. The reason for such a dismal success rate is that change in business is commonly viewed as an organizational approach. The issue with that line of thought is that every organizational change is really the sum of individual changes that need to be made.

What we do is help your team to balance out the organizational macro view, with the micro view of what needs to happen at an individual level; bringing those two separate views together. We aid in creating an agile culture, where you help your employees see the concrete changes that need to be made at their level, in their job in their roles and coach them to get there faster.


Below, you will find tools that we provide to address change:

 Fast Change Program

 Coaching for Change

 Coaching Plans

 Resistance Plans

 Communication Plans

 Training Plans

 Behavior Change Game Plan

 Assessments


 Cross Functional Role Mapping

 Project and Initiatives

 Organizational Restructuring

 System/Program Implementations

 Process Efficiencies

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