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Equipped with the team, tools, experience, and data to elevate your company culture. Here's how we can help.

Surveys & Research

We use one of the world’s most powerful platforms that is trusted by the world’s most iconic companies. We utilize the combination of this technology and our expertise to close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results. We make it simple to collect, understand, and take action on experience data – the beliefs, emotions, and sentiments of customers and employees.

Organizations use surveys internally and externally to help the business. Surveys are typically used to strengthen relationships with their employees, and enhance relationships with the customers. The problem that most surveys face, however, is twofold. The first issue is that the surveys are not designed well. This makes it difficult to gather the information they need. We spend time designing surveys thoughtfully and strategically, so that they are uniquely effective for your business.

Secondly, organizations tend to conduct surveys internally, leading to information that is not entirely accurate due to an inherent fear of bias and/or retaliation. So the reality is, if you seek truly functional information, the best practice is to use a third party to drive the survey process. Additionally, companies typically spend 80% of their dollars, or 80 cents on the dollar, collecting data, but use only 10% or 20%, doing something about it.

The truth is, we make it easy to collect and analyze data through extensive statistical analysis. We generate dashboards that are alive, allowing you to take actions on the data right away. Proper follow up and action on the data in a productive manner are what leads to positive change for your business.

Training & E-Learning

We have instructional designers, graphic artists, consultants and subject matter experts working together to bring you relevant and practical training and experiences. We make our training experiences interactive, memorable, thought provoking and worthwhile.

We design, develop, and facilitate training that relates to building culture, increasing leadership skills, and improving individual performance.


Whether it is executive presence, transitioning to leadership from an individual contributor role, engaging your team, leading with vision, problem solving, or conflict resolution; we have you covered.

We are not a technical training company. We focus on the people initiatives and people skills (sometimes called “soft” skills), that we think are actually some of the hardest skills to master.

Our E-learning is uniquely different. What we have typically done is made it more interactive than what you see from other organizations. Most organizations have essentially an animated PowerPoint set of slides that move along and then you get tested periodically. We’ve tried to create scenario based E-learning and gamified learning so that everyone has a unique experience, and they’re engaged in the process.

The truth is, if you want your people to learn, and you want them to actually go through the training in a meaningful way, you have to find a way to pull them into it. Our focus is to draw people into the learning experience in a manner that’s productive for the learner, for the organization and for results.


Our consultants have years of experience, successful track records and in most cases, advanced degrees. We are not your typical consulting firm that hires right out of college. We do not produce clones. We provide professionals to help you address your goals and objectives using methodologies and tools that work.

Sometimes you need someone with process experience to help you work through issues. For instance, if you’re trying to change the culture of your organization to become more inclusive in nature, there are a number of things you need to

evaluate. Policies, operational structure, hiring, recruiting and communication mechanisms are among the areas that would need to shift and change. We can help you put together implementation plans to satisfy those needs.

We can help you shift your processes for areas such as succession planning, or career development. We are confident that you will benefit from our expertise as we guide you in having a productive implementation of impactful strategies that can change the trajectory of your organization.

We don't get caught up in the muck and mire, and we have an objective perspective because we have no skin in the game. More importantly, we’re not caught up in politics. We do not have negative repercussions for telling the truth. So we might lose a project, but we’re not going to lose our jobs. Right? If you work internally, and you’re trying to change the culture, there’s risk. We can take some of that risk on for you, and give you a sense of protection, if you will, so that you have the ability to move things forward that you wouldn’t have if you try to do it by yourself within an organization.

Retainers & Staffing

Not large enough to hire full-time HR staff? Need HR support for a start up? Did you lose a valuable HR associate or leader? We offer unparalleled skills and resources in helping our clients to outsource important HR functions. Our recruiting efforts include the ability to identify candidates for all levels of your organization from front line to the executive office. 

We have found a retainer relationship makes sense in certain situations. For example:

-Current challenges are causing overload
-Team lacks needed expertise in specific areas
-Too small for an in-house HR function, but need help with HR initiatives and functions
-Staff member is on a leave of absence
-Need a complete re-vamp of the entire HR department
We can place an experienced HR professional inside your organization and help manage processes from the inside.

When we have successfully placed your organization on the right track, then we can pull ourselves out and allow you to function and manage independently. We’re here to help you strengthen your HR department and offer support while inside your HR department. We are here when you need that longer term relationship than just a quick project.

Hotline Solutions

Give your employees an anonymous, confidential way to be heard in a safe and secure way by accessing our anonymous reporting platforms.


Now more than ever, organizations are at risk for serious issues such as litigation, loss of productivity, and unusually high turnover if certain precautions are not taken. By using the HEARD Ethics & Compliance Hotline, you are providing your employees with an avenue to voice their concerns and report unethical behavior to a third party. In return, you as the employer are gaining a first line of defense in the process of correcting behaviors and actions that could be harmful to your organization.

HEARD Hotline is a product of PerformancePoint LLC, a national consulting and training firm specializing in leadership development, culture building and people-driven initiatives.


At PerformancePoint, we see "pay" as a crucial part of your Total Reward System, one of six HR strategy areas driving change and performance excellence. Your Total Reward System represents a significant portion of your budget and directly impacts financial success. Moreover, employees who feel fairly rewarded are more engaged and productive.

Most companies assess pay equity based solely on market analysis, but we encourage a strategic approach that aligns compensation with your company's vision and mission. Start by asking: What are your goals? Does your compensation plan support these goals? How can you structure compensation to achieve them?

With a solid strategy, market analysis becomes more effective. We assist with all compensation-related tasks, ensuring fair pay for both employees and executives to drive business success and retain key leaders.

Executive Recruiting

PerformancePoint offers executive recruiting services through Aspire Talent Advisory, a recruiting firm built with a unique approach. 

Using a fresh approach based on time-tested methodology combined with a comprehensive suite of validated screening and selection tools, Aspire considers the long-term productivity and culture fit of a referred hire as the preferred standard of success in client engagements. 

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