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PerformancePoint, LLC is more than a name. It is an intentional, directional stake in the ground.

The name itself provides insight into who and what we are. Both ‘performance’ and ‘point’ are individually significant.

‘Performance’ means the action or process of carrying out or accomplishing a task. Performance is about propelling success. ‘Point’ references the tapered, sharpened end of a tool. In addition, it represents the period at the end of a statement.

When you combine those two words, it creates an excellent snapshot of this organization. We are the company that helps sharpen your tools to drive your success. Period.

PerformancePoint, LLC was founded in 2003 by its current CEO, Brad Federman.

Our Vision

Our team is centered around one goal- to help companies discover and live their possible. Company culture is a powerful tool and, if harnessed to it's full potential, can unlock new heights for organizations.

A healthy culture needs to be built on a strong foundation of values. Our values fall under the acronym- 'C.A.R.E'.

Collaborative: We deliver clear, truthful insights, working closely with clients and each other.

Above and Beyond: We value both results and relationships, always seeking ways to make a lasting positive impact.

Right Minded: We earn trust by consistently being honest and keeping our word.

Empathy: We treat business personally, fostering relationships with respect, curiosity, and listening.


Above & Beyond

Right Minded


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