Strategic HR (Analytics)

Raise the level of your HR function. Strategic HR is leading Human Resources in a manner that supports the company’s long-term business goals, outcomes, vision and values. The heart of Strategic HR is going way beyond the compliance and administrative aspects HR has been known for and apply principles and practices to grow and strengthen the business proactively.

 HR’s Part of the Business Strategy
 Creating an HR Strategic Plan
 Defining and Engaging HR Metrics
 Employing HR Analytics
 Succession Planning
 HR Audits
 Effective Organizational Structure and Design
 Career Development Systems
 Executive Compensation
 Sales Compensation
 Compensation Philosophy and Guiding Principles
 Effective Compensation Efforts
 Competency Strategies
 Effective Communications
 Orientation/Onboarding
 Recruiting/Talent Acquisition
 Executive Recruiting
 HR Outsourcing

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