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Shelly Dudley


Shelly Dudley is a consultant, speaker, trainer, business writer and content creator with over 24 years of corporate experience who specializes in cultural transformation, strategic goal setting and delivering exceptional customer service.

During her career in the hospitality industry, she led teams, leaders and owners to achieve greater results in all areas of their operation through strategic consulting. She worked to engage both leaders and teams to achieve true cultural change resulting in  higher revenues and improved customer experience. Her extensive background in both sales and operations has fueled her ability to speak to the key fundamentals of creating the kind of culture that attracts and retains top performers and delivers exceptional service across all industries. Known for her inspirational and positive approach, Shelly works one-on-one, in workshop and virtual settings as a proven resource for building a world class culture and helping individuals develop as strong, heart-centered leaders.

In her most recent role with Fortune 500 company, Hilton Hotels corporation, Shelly was the Director of Strategic Training and Content Management leading a team to create virtual and in-person training and educational platforms for 6 award winning brands that impacted 10,000+ in the US, Canada and Latin America. She was a frequent featured speaker at conferences and meetings on many  key performance topics. Earlier in her career, she served as a  Regional Director of Operations responsible for the performance of a portfolio of hotels. The experience  and expertise gained during this pivotal time enabled her to go on to become a content creator, creating tools and resources that drive performance.

Shelly’s true passion is inspiring others to connect with their own passions, purpose and personal growth. Through compelling storytelling, she strives to inspire her audience to find the best in themselves in order to move on to their next level. She strives to create and deliver content that truly changes things, both for individuals and organizations.

Shelly lives in Venice Florida with her husband of 30 years and son and gets as much beach time as possible. She loves being creative through  singing, songwriting  and art whenever she can.

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