James Daniel, Talent Management Specialist

James (Jimmy) Daniel is a consultant, facilitator and coach. He specializes in executive coaching and in designing and delivering leadership programs and keynotes that invite managers to show up and lead their people.

Prior to joining  PerformancePoint, Jimmy worked as a consultant for Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, where he designed and delivered leadership courses to Fortune 1000 corporations globally.

For two decades, Jimmy worked for FedEx Corporation, the largest cargo airline in the world. Daniel gained significant operational experience, leadership capability and training and human development expertise. In addition, he was one of a handful to ever win two Aviation Career Education awards from the Federal Aviation Administration. He also won three Vice President Productivity awards.

Jimmy was nominated to FedEx’s Global Leadership Institute. He spent the remainder of his FedEx career applying years of experiential knowledge in logistics and operations to obtain real practical solutions in both the tangible and intangible aspects of the shipping process.

Preceding Jimmy’s arrival at the FedEx leadership program, the program had slipped from its former high ranking to a place well below the top 20 in the world. He was instrumental in the redesign, implementation and delivery of what would once again become one of the world’s top-ranked leadership training curriculums. FedEx Express was able to better equip its leaders with invaluable tools to meaningfully connect and engage with their employees; connect employees with one another; and connect the corporation with the customer and the quality product it delivers. As a result, productivity increased.

Jimmy has trained and coached thousands of managers and leaders from the front line to the boardroom. His no-nonsense approach, real-world experience and sharp people skills make him a powerful coach and a transformational facilitator. He is certified as a Master Instructor of 360 Reporting, Executive Coaching, Situation Leadership II, Instructional Design and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

Jimmy earned his bachelor of business administration at the University of Memphis. 

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