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Faith Brinkley


Faith Brinkley is a Human Resources Data Consultant that thrives in constructing inclusive work environments that are rich in employee engagement and excellence in human resources. She is a diligent communicator, and she deploys that skill to drive change in areas of opportunity for

established organizations. Faith is a critical thinker that finds her success in helping others

overcome challenges by providing specific avenues of resolution based on actionable objectives.

During her time at PerformancePoint, Faith has provided valuable data and insights to our clients. She has managed multiple projects in areas like employee engagement, culture

cultivation, DEI&B, and other organizational initiatives. Through these projects, Faith has

conducted thorough data analysis that gave clients objective insight to their organization and

realistic steps to improve areas of opportunity. The aforementioned tools are essential for

providing a true snapshot of the culture of a business.

Apart from her analysis skills, Faith has developed skills in human resources through writing

handbooks, recruiting for clients, assisting in comp analysis, providing retainer services, and

conducting internal investigations. She also obtained her SHRM-CP certification to gain further

knowledge that allows her to provide quality service to our clients. She is now exploring new

opportunities by obtaining skills in software coding through programs such as Microsoft Power

Up. These skills will be vital in providing quality data and services for our clients.

Faith has dedicated her free time to serving the human resources community through our local

SHRM Board of Directors. Her time serving on the SHRM-Memphis Board of Directors has

helped her obtain vital skills that she now uses in her work. She has written a knowledgeable

article that was published in HR Daily Advisor. This article led her to being a guest on two HR

Works podcasts. Her extracurricular experience has given Faith the opportunity to advance and

mature in her field.


Faith’s promising career is blooming with PerformancePoint, where she is evolving into a major

factor in her industry. She has worked diligently to offer the most beneficial data to her clients.

She has received praise from her clients on her dedication and skilled project management. Faith

is now stepping out into the field, working side by side with her clients to deliver a powerful

brand of service that is changing the face of work environments.

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