Compensation Strategies

At PerformancePoint, we view “pay” as a major part of your Total Reward System. It’s one of six strategy areas where HR management can actually drive change and performance excellence. Here are two reasons why.


  1. The cost of a company’s Total Reward System typically represents a big percentage of its operating budget. How that investment is managed impacts the company’s overall financial success.

  2. Employees who perceive equity between their contributions and their rewards are more engaged and are greater contributors.

A total reward system should:

  • Motivate your employees to do their best every day.

  • Be cost effective, providing your company a good “return on compensation”.

  • Bring focus to operational goals and objectives.

  • Reflect the culture of your organization. How can we help you

  • Base Pay and Salary Administration

  • Compensation Surveys

  • Market Studies

  • Performance Management Systems

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