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Brian Poindexter


Brian Poindexter is a people-driven leader with

over 20 years of management experience. He

understands that the most important assets

of any business and/or organization are its staff

and those it serves. His career has been shaped

by his passion to create success through talent

and development, which is the cornerstone to a

healthy business culture. He has embodied his

belief that employee engagement is only as strong

as the company’s engagement in the employee.

Before joining PerformancePoint; Brian spent the

majority of his time in the retail and sales industry.

He has led teams as large as 150 employees, but

also smaller scaled teams; which led to his unique

ability to connect with any group. Brian has led teams

with several of the most successful brands in the

industry, including Fed Ex, Nike, T-Mobile and Macy’s.

With those companies he helped create inclusive

environments that focus on optimizing employee potential and building future leaders. This was achieved through his healthy respect for human resources, operational excellence, impactful employee on-boarding and thoughtful employee training.

Brian has been a champion for service, leading his teams to consistently compete with the top performing doors in customer experience during his time Nike, T-Mobile and Macy’s. He is skilled in using well respected customer service tracking tools such as Medallia and Salesforce to garner tangible statistics to drive engagement accountability.

Brian also has an eye for creativity, which he uses to perform contract work in graphic design including web design, branding identity and social media using powerful tools such as the Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and more. With PerformancePoint Brian will be instrumental in helping businesses to develop engaging environments that thrive through accountability. In addition, he will be actively aiding in developing effective e-learning tools for the company.

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