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Aris Federman

Aris Federman is the Creative Director for PerformancePoint. He earned his BFA in Acting from Pace University in Manhattan and has previously interned in an administrative position at The Orpheum Theatre, Memphis. Although just beginning his career, he has been working in HR for nearly six years, first joining the PerformancePoint team back in 2016. Since then, he has engineered digitally interactive and ‘gamified’ trainings with the goal of finding engaging ways to both inform employees and elevate company culture. A few of his training topics include: Harassment Prevention and Inclusion, Remote Employees (Equipping Companies For A Digital Age), and Team Foundations.

Additionally, Aris has been published in multiple HR related publications, some of his notable articles include: ‘Millennials, Machines, and More… Oh My!’, ‘Patchwork and Divide: LGBTQ In The Workplace’, and ‘Digital Overload: The Deficiency in Our Efficiency’. 

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The arts and storytelling have been an influential force in his life, helping inform and shape the work he does at PerformancePoint. Cooperation, teamwork, and communication are all paramount staples of the HR industry. Storytellers and performers also employ these tools, with the goal of bringing different types of people together for a common experience. Aris believes company leadership and culture should operate in a similar way. Combining the experiential skillsets he has acquired while working in HR with the skillsets he is pursuing at University, Aris is able to consistently approach company culture through a human lens with a teamwork/cooperation oriented mindset.

Aris is certified in Adobe Captivate, Qualtrics, TalentLMS and Microsoft Office.

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